The Homesteadista programs and platforms spark ideas and foster relationships that allow women with shared missions, unique stories, and varied approaches and expertise to align, commune, and make change happen faster.

Be a Homesteadista

Our membership has meaning.

Our firsthand experience with and observations of the biases and lack of diverse perspectives in leadership have inspired our commitment to seeing, hearing, and celebrating every woman with a vision for her improved and equitable city. For example, while Black and Brown women make $.56 on the dollar and White women earn $.82, collectively as women, we nonetheless are not earning that full dollar.

We can and will change that.


Inclusion: Women being themselves is more than enough. We value the individual experience, personal history and path and want to be of support to changemakers as they chart the best leadership course for their future.

Kindness: Thoughtfulness, respect, empathy and care are essential as we connect with all members of our community and lead all members of our cities forward. It’s that simple.

Inquiry: We value conceptual understandings and a thirst for knowledge beyond facts and figures. We love questions - “Why?” , “So What?”, and “How will we do this? - especially ones that require investigation and discourse.

Pioneering: Inspired by the fearless, bad-ass, innovative, forward-moving and thinking women who came before us, we value the spear-heading change-making spirit.

Joie de Vivre: What is it all without authentic passion and joy of living?



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