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Your membership and monetary contribution will go to the development and evolution of tools and resources that enable and empower female change makers like yourself to connect, grow, and effect change. Membership also includes access to our private Facebook group as well as automatic member listing in our soon-to-be launched Co-LAB.



Your monetary contributions are essential to the success of The Homesteadista. Despite the tremendous strides women like myself are making on shoe-string budgets, resilience, and a growing sisterhood, we cannot do it alone. Get involved by becoming an ally to our change makers through your direct support of Co-LAB, (The Homesteadista Collaborative Network), an app that connects members and provides tangible opportunities to incubate and accelerate change.



We're ninjas with framing critical issues-based discussions, facilitating social contract design for collaborative team and project management. Together, we'll design communication and operational pathways that demonstrate your company or organization’s active commitment to equity, safe space, and social justice.


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