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The Most Pressing Environmental Justice Issue Which Nigerian Women Face

The Nigerian constitution makes provision for laws guiding environmental justice and equity. However, even with these laws, the Nigerian female population encounters several challenges relating to environmental justice. The most prevalent environmental justice issue which Nigerian women face is domestic violence. About 30% of Nigerian women experience domestic violence from their sexual partners or spouses.

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All About Doula-ing: The Homesteadista Profile - Cheyenne Varner

When we think of pregnancy and giving birth, an image of a full-bellied woman and 20-hour labor comes to mind. At least to my mind. Yet there's a different kind of pregnancy and birth that can occur in a woman's life - nurturing potential and creating a life that is a joy to live. Who best to ask about bearing witness to the process than well a doula? So I shifted the focus from moms and babies to a woman who changed her life in surprisingly beautiful ways. I invited Cheyenne Varner, our once Guest Wellness Editor and Maternity Expert/Doula, and founder of The Educated Birth, to share her story of professional transformation, work/life balance, finding joy and maternal-birthing wellness (by proxy).

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Dear MD, We Need to Talk

Let’s see a show of hands - How many of you ladies have had an annual comprehensive wellness check? If you are like me, you wait until something is terribly amiss before you step foot into a doctors office, like last summer when I had crazy chest pains and spent part of a Sunday afternoon in the emergency room - turns out it was agita often caused by too much BBQ and a looming fellowship deadline. Nothing a little sugar and grain detox and extra sleep couldn't help.

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