Representation and education have an impact if they work in tandem. If women leaders can connect with other women doing similar work, they could tap into their vast pool of knowledge and resources and make powerful scalable changes collectively. Today.
— Lisa Quattlebaum, The Homesteadista


Our digital magazine platform is an expression of our re-imagined approach to leadership development and commitment to generously share game-changing resources. Our expanded content continues to give contemporary changemakers the mic and bravely explores all aspects of actively participating in movements, ventures, policies, and practices that will improve our cities.

Editorial coverage will include stories of personal and professional growth, hurdles and successes, resources for funding, legal, and organizational literacies, along with guidance on everything from how to juggle motherhood and career, to overcoming a fear of public speaking, what to wear to that pitch presentation, to unpacking which business entities best align with your mission.


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Directory meets Project-Based Incubators

Co-Lab is our growing, living directory of female change makers that make up our community, and the allies who support them. Unlike other directories, networks or traditional coworking spaces, our member profiles and networking prompts are narrative-centered and rooted in the woman, not her title, status, or even her accomplishments. Within the searchable app, you’ll find peers and collaborators who are excited to give of their talents and expertise as much as they are to receive. Through our technology, we’ll offer project-based incubators and networking events that make real and lasting connections.


Preventative #MeToo Story Salon

This app (in prototype stage) is the marginalized millennial woman's go to resource for navigating safe 21st century professional relationships, because among all prevention programs, our app hand delivers access to peer-leadership coaching through real women sharing modern insight from their stories of work environment abuse, violence, and triumph. The unique value of our new app is it’s age and culture-appropriate stories and solutions, discreet journal-style reflection tools, and sense of not being “only one” with concerns, fears and abuse experiences.